Property Management

  • How to choose the Best Property Manager

    Choosing the right agency and property manager for your investment property can be difficult. Asking the right questions helps make that choice easier.

    Selecting a property manager / agency is as important a decision as the actual buying of the investment property itself. On the surface, many agencies may seem the same and offer roughly the same service.

  • Periodic Vs Fixed Term Leases in Toowoomba Rental Market

    What is the difference between Periodic and Fixed Term Leases? Why would I want my tenants on a Periodic if they can just move out?


  • Tenant Water Consumption Who Pays?

    As a Property Manager, I have had both prospective tenants and current tenants ask about their water consumption responsibilities and what each option means for them.

    The following should give some insight as to how your property’s water rating will affect you.

  • Flexi-houses give you wet feet!

    Another day another flooded house! Well it’s not that bad really, but after another property was flooded recently, we started to ‘tote-up’ the number of properties we’ve had affected by flooding over the past few years – we got to just under 20!! If you live in a home – you need to read this!!


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