Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my bond back?

Once they keys are returned, your property manager will conduct an inspection at the property as soon as possible and let you know the outcome. Any matters outstanding will be discussed with you and time allowed for you to attend them.

Once finalised the bond is refunded into your bank account. If there are no issues with the exit inspection then the bond refund process only takes 48-72 hours.

Can I move out before the end of my lease?

There is a process to follow if you wish to request an early termination of your lease. This is detailed in Standard Term 7 in your lease:

“Costs apply to early ending of fixed term agreement.

(1) This clause applies if-
(a) This agreement is a fixed term agreement and
(b) The tenant terminates it before the term ends in a way not permitted under the Act.
(2) The tenant must pay the reasonable costs incurred by the lessor in reletting the premises.”

You will be required to pay compensation to the owner to cover their reasonable costs of re-letting the property, plus you will be paying rent until a new tenant is found. This is generally a weeks rent plus GST. Please make an appointment with your property manager to further discuss this and make a plan.

How do I apply for a pet?

Contact your property manager to find out if pets will be considered at your property. If yes, download a pet application form and submit this to your property manager. This is then submitted to the owner for their approval. Note - Guide dogs and other medically required companion animals are treated differently, so please contact your property manager to discuss these.

If I paid two weeks in advance when I move in, why am I not still two weeks in advance?

You paid the first two weeks rent before you moved in and then you pay again in two weeks for the following two weeks. So you use them up.
Your property manager can provide a ledger which details each and every payment made to our agency