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What Makes A Great Property Manager And Agency?

In the days when property management services were in their infancy it was common for the work to be handled by real estate sales teams with agents often juggling both roles. There wasn’t a clear focus on property management being a speciali...

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McAdam And Turnbull Realty Privacy Statement

MCADAM AND TURNBULL REALTY PRIVACY STATEMENT Data collection The type of personal information that this entity collects and holds is as follows: McAdam and Turnbull Realty collects a variety of personal inform...

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Periodic Vs Fixed Term Leases In Toowoomba Rental Market

A periodic lease has no fixed end date. A fixed term lease has a fixed end date. That is the difference - all other terms and conditions stay the same. Tenants on a periodic lease can give two weeks notice at any time and ...

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Water Consumption FACTS As A Property Owner

As a Property Manager, I receive a lot of enquiries relating to “Water” from both landlords and tenants asking who is responsible for paying for it and how is this worked out? It is becoming more and more common for landlords t...

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How Routine Inspections Benefit You

Routine Inspections are a topic that I get asked about quite frequently from both Landlords and Tenants alike.  McAdam & Turnbull hold our Routine Inspections 3 times a year, once every 4 months. This wil...

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How To Choose The Best Property Manager

So how do you decide? It comes down to attitude and who can you trust? There are standard questions you can ask like: “What is your vacancy rate?” “How many properties do you manage?”...

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