How Routine Inspections Benefit You

Routine Inspections are a topic that I get asked about quite frequently from both Landlords and Tenants alike. 

McAdam & Turnbull hold our Routine Inspections 3 times a year, once every 4 months. This will obviously vary slightly on each individual property with possible tenants moving in or moving out.

Routine inspections are an imperative part of managing a property.

It is the only time that we are able to enter the property to see how the tenants are treating the property.

Most tenants are fantastic, they have the property clean and tidy and the lawns and gardens looking good.

Unfortunately, there are always the odd tenants that do mistreat the property or don’t have it presented in an acceptable manner.
When this occurs we follow legislative requirements to reinforce our expectations for the tenants care of the property.

As a landlord, you are more than welcome to join us on the Routine Inspection to have a look at your property yourself.

Please notify us at least a few days before the inspection, so we can meet at a time that is within the Entry Notice timeframe that is suitable for you.

The Routine Inspection Report details how the tenants are caring for the property and highlights any urgent maintenance as well as flagging potential long term issues.

We will contact you that day if there are any items that require your immediate attention; otherwise we e-mail you a copy of the Routine Inspection Report out within a couple of days, or post one out with your next End of Month Statement if no e-mail address is available.

Please contact your property manager if you have any further questions.

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Author: Cath Clark
Job title: Licensed Property Manager
Date: February 2016
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