How To Choose The Best Property Manager

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So how do you decide? It comes down to attitude and who can you trust?

There are standard questions you can ask like:

  • “What is your vacancy rate?”
  • “How many properties do you manage?”
  • “What is your arrears percentage today?”


But, what you really want to know is – “How do I know I can trust you?”

“How do you know you can trust us to look after your investment property and protect both your rental income and capital investment?”

At McAdam and Turnbull Realty we understand the hard work you have put into being able to own an investment property. We understand the responsibility we are taking on when you hand over keys to hundred’s of thousands of dollars worth of property to our care.

We realise we have responsibility for assisting with your investment goals, whether it be a purchase to fund your child’s future university fees or your superannuation fund – what ever it is that you are striving for – we get that.

Having an agency and property manager who understands you, and what you need from your investment strategy, enables you to build the trust needed for a successful long term relationship.

Combine this with the agents’ knowledge, experience and professionalism and you are well on your way to making the right decision when choosing your property management agency.


Don’t sign anything until you have all your questions answered and you feel this is someone you can trust with your financial future.

Contact our Business Manager Bronwyn to have your questions answered today. 

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Author: Bronwyn Evans
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