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Getting Your Investment Property Ready For Sale

The decision to sell an investment property can come about for a variety of reasons, either personal or business.  The owner may want to sell and use the available cash for any number of personal reasons, or it may be part of their overall in...

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Getting Your Home Ready For Sale

Deciding to sell a home is a big decision for any person.  Whether it’s a desire for a bigger home, a better location, or due to a change in job location, there’s more to it than just engaging the real estate agent.  When it ...

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Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Home

We often talk about buying and selling property as being a time of mixed emotion, and nothing tipifies that more than making the decision to sell your home. The decision to list a property can eventuate for many different reasons. In some cases it...

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Why Choose McAdam And Turnbull Realty?

When Toowoomba people talk real estate around the BBQ the name McAdam & Turnbull invariably comes up. With a history serving the Toowoomba community since 1980, and renowned local real estate identities Lachlan and Bronwyn Evans at the helm, D...

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