The importance of making the best decision when choosing an agent to sell your home cannot be overstated.

Choosing to list your home with the agent who offers the highest selling price may not actually lead to the best results for you. It can lead to disappointment and frustration, with the process dragging on and the end selling price potentially being lower than what you were led to expect. We understand the complexities of optimally positioning your property for the right price within the market.

Our team specialise in honest, realistic appraisals – targeted to get you the best results.

Achieving a property sale is a process, not just one meeting with a sales agent - sign here and “wham” the house is sold!

You need to be able to easily work and communicate with your agent – clearly understand the sales appraisal, marketing plan, costs, and know without a doubt they are working for you to ensure the best possible sales result in the shortest possible time.

Most importantly, you need to feel you can trust your agent to be working in your best interests – trusting, not only, in their knowledge and experience, but also, that they will be honest with you.


Our sales team

Our sales team provides the knowledge and experience you want working for you when you are selling your property.

The real estate market value and demand ebbs and flows over the years as does the general economy. Understanding the local market is not an overnight study – McAdam and Turnbull Realty have been part of the local market for over 36 years. This experience and insight into the region means you have access to the best advice and management to sell your property.




Bill Hedger - "I don't just sell propety, I help you find what you want"

  • Sales Agent and Co-Owner of McAdam and Turnbull Realty
  • Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Qld
  • Strong Regional and state network
  • 30+ years in regional real estate
  • A true gentleman



Lachlan Evans - "I'm a strong believer in quality service" 

  • Sales Agent and Co-Owner of McAdam and Turnbull Realty
  • Strong regional and state network
  • Regional knowledge and experience
  • 12+ years in property management and sales
  • Businessman, family man and sometimes - cricket player!



Rob Abel “Honesty and integrity in real estate.”

  • Sales Agent
  • Strong regional network
  • 22+ years in the industry
  • Genuine and knowledgeable


     Earl Norris “I live by the ideals of total honesty and genuine professional and caring service.”

  • Sales Agent
  • 30+ years in real estate
  • Co-creator of the “Sale by Tender System” adapted by the R.E.I.Q
  • Strong regional and state network
  • Regional knowledge and experience
  • A genuinely kind and knowledgeable man


Marketing Your Property

It is vital to position promotions for your property in places where buyers can easily find them. We offer a proven range of digital and tradition marketing options to you – tailored to suit the market for your property.

Costs to You

You don’t have to pay for hefty advertising campaigns straight up – we use a combination of marketing strategies to get exposure for your property to potential buyers. Talk to our Business Manager Bronwyn (Link to Bronwyn’s page) to find out more about our pricing structures. You will be pleasantly surprised.


Negotiating on Your Behalf

The art of negotiating is the single most important skill your real estate agent should have. Bill, Lachlan, Rob and Earl know the value of careful but honest negotiation with buyers and sellers. This will result in the best possible outcome for all involved.

Finding solutions to potential barriers to an offer and understanding the special conditions, matter as much as the price.




Our established communication process and feedback from the property market, ensures you are kept informed during the sales journey and when an offer is made.

All the knowledge and experience of your agent is there to draw on when making decisions. We make the process of selling your property as stress-free as possible.

Knowledge is power and the foundation of sound decision making – we put all that at your fingertips.


Contact our Business Manager Bronwyn to arrange for an honest appraisal on your property. Use our knowledge and experience to work for you. Phone today to get started on the journey towards selling your home.

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