Are you ready for minimum housing standards starting in Queensland Rentals in September 2023?

Let’s talk about getting ready for Minimum Housing Standards prescribed in the amendments to the Residential Tenancy and Rooming Accommodation Regulations 2009 and what actions are needed in rental properties.

They commence for all new tenancies from 1st September 2023 and will apply to all from 1 September 2024.  This means “lease renewals” from 1st September 2023 need to comply.

As you read through, you will think most of them are common sense and perfectly reasonable.  However, the detail in some of the requirements will need attention in many rental properties.

Going forward, we will continue to report at routine inspections about these standards in the rental properties.  If a call out is needed for a tradesman at the rental property, we would recommend having them attend to items such as window latches/locks to save a call out cost just for those later on.

Further implications of these laws is that all of the standards will be considered Emergency Repairs. This means that they must be attended to in a reasonable time or the tenant can spend up to 4 weeks rent on any item themselves and we are to use Trust funds to pay for them.

Part One - Safety and security of premises 

• Weatherproof and structurally sound. Premises must be weatherproof, structurally sound and in good repair. To be weatherproof, the roofing or windows must prevent water entering the premises when it rains. Indications the premises are structurally sound are where the floor, wall, ceiling or roof or the deck or stairs is not likely to collapse because of a rot or defect; or a floor, wall or ceiling or other supporting structure is not affected by significant dampness, or the condition of the premises is not likely to cause damage to an occupant’s personal property.

 • Fixtures and fittings. The fixtures and fittings, including electrical appliances, for the premises must be in good repair and must not be likely to cause injury to a person through the ordinary use of the fixtures or fittings.

• Locks on windows and doors. Premises must have a functioning lock or latch fitted to all external windows and doors to secure the premises against unauthorised entry. This applies only to windows and doors that a person outside the premises or room could access without having to use a ladder.

 • Vermin, damp and mould. Premises must be free of vermin, damp and mould where the lessor or provider is responsible for those parts of the premises. This obligation does not apply to vermin, damp or mould caused by the tenant. For example, where the tenant is not using an exhaust fan that the lessor has previously installed in the bathroom of the premises.

 • Privacy. Premises must have privacy coverings for windows in all rooms in which tenants or residents are reasonably likely to expect privacy such as bedrooms. Privacy coverings for windows include blinds; curtains; tinting and glass frosting. Privacy coverings do not apply if the window of a room is not in the line of sight between a person outside and a person inside, for example the premises is obstructed by a fence, a hedge, tree or other feature of the property.


Part Two - Reasonable functionality of premises

• Plumbing and drainage. Premises must have adequate plumbing and drainage for the number of persons occupying the premises and be connected to a water supply service or other infrastructure that supplies hot and cold water suitable for drinking.

• Bathrooms and toilets. The bathroom and toilet facilities must provide the user with privacy and each toilet must be functional to flush and refill and be connected to a sewer, septic system, or other waste disposal system.

• Kitchen. A kitchen must include a functioning cook-top if a kitchen has been provided as part of the premises.

• Laundry. A laundry must include those fixtures (other than whitegoods) required to provide a functional laundry, if a laundry has been included in the premises.


Managing these standards and guiding clients through them and the implications is why experienced property managers are going to be more important than ever going forward.

At McAdam and Turnbull Realty – we are on side of investors and will use our decades of experience to ensure our clients meet their obligations.

Please contact us if you any questions or would like to discuss how these standards effect your rental property.

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