Is this you right now? My Property Manager:

DOES NOT return my calls/emails.

DOES NOT follow up maintenance issues.

DOES NOT have attention to the details.

DOES NOT conduct routine inspections.

DOES NOT conduct thorough exits or entry inspections.

If this is you, then your Property Manager is costing you money and causing too much stress.

Make the Switch to Us for agency is that on your side and will save you money!


We communicate, we follow up and we pay attention to the details of property management.  We understand the responsibility of the keys put in our hands. It is way more than a set of keys, we have your financial future in our hands. The whole agency is on your team.

Not returning calls – slows up communication, issues are being swept under the carpet and your hundreds and thousands of your hard earned money in this investment is at risk. The stress of not knowing or assuming the worst just because a property manager  does not return your calls. 

Not following up maintenance can turn a minor easy and inexpensive fix into a major expense. Well maintained rentals attract the best quality tenants. Allowing a minor water leak to ruin a whole bathroom – unacceptable.

Not paying attention to details – costs investors money and peace of mind because the trust is broken. It’s little things – lease end dates, knowing smoke alarm compliance requirements, understanding the difference between 60 days notice and 2 months notice – all of these little things can COST YOU BIG MONEY when a property manager gets it wrong. 

Not conducting routine inspections, not doing thorough entry and exit inspections -COSTS YOU MONEY! Missed maintenance, missed tenant damage that should be claimed from the bond. It all adds up to way less then you deserve.

How do we know all this? 

It’s all the reasons that investors have switched their rental to us in the past.


Switch to us now!

Talk is all very well, where’s the action and results?

We have capped numbers per property manager so they have a manageable workload and have time to proactively manage the details, follow up and communicate. They are backed by us as agency owners – no senior property manager in between property managers and ourselves so we can provide real support, mentoring and training. Administration support provides the backbone of the processing of tenancy documentation so your dedicated property manager can prioritise you and your rental. 

Inspections get prioritized and get done. 

Maintenance and other issues are followed through.

Phone calls are returned.

More than 50% of our clients have been with us over 10 years.

70% of our clients have been with us over 5 years.

Rarely are less than 99% of our tenants paying their rent on time.

Rarely are less than 99% of our rentals vacant and not earning rent for their owners.

Most months, we are renting vacant rentals 7 days faster than the Toowoomba market median. 

Switch to Us and let us show you.

Trust doesn’t come overnight. If after 3 months you tell us we didn’t deliver as above, we refund the management fee for those past 3 months




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