Exploring Rental Yields in Toowoomba

Exploring Rental Yields in Toowoomba Suburbs and Surrounding Towns

Rental yield is a measure of the annual rental income as a percentage of the property's value. It helps investors determine the potential return on investment. A higher rental yield indicates a more profitable investment.

Understanding the rental yields across different suburbs and property types can significantly enhance your investment strategy. While higher rental yields indicate better returns, it's also crucial to consider factors such as property maintenance costs, market trends, and long-term capital growth.

The graph below is published by Core Logic in May 2024. It shows the gross median rental yield and median sales price across Toowoomba and surrounding areas. Note if there is not a mention of units in a suburb, they don’t have enough data ie not enough rental units in that suburb to be able to supply accurate information.

 Keys points from the data:

**High Rental Yields:** Suburbs like Harlaxton, Harristown, Kearneys Spring, Newtown, and Rockville exhibit high rental yields for units, reaching up to 6%.

**Moderate Rental Yields:** The majority of suburbs have moderate rental yields ranging from 4% to 5% for both houses and units.

**Lower Rental Yields:** East Toowoomba shows a slightly lower rental yield for houses at 3%, which is indicative of higher property values or other market factors.

Please contact us for more information on the rental yield on your property and how you can calculate an accurate yield based on your financial information.

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Suburb  Type Median Sale Price Median Rental Yield 
    Last 12 months  last 12 months 
Cambooya  House $510,000 4%
Centenary Heights House $570,000 4%
Centenary Heights Unit  $455,000 5%
City  House $562,500 4%
City  Unit  $360,000 5%
Cranley  House $555,000 5%
Cranley  Unit  $420,000 5%
Darling Heights House $542,000 4%
Darling Heights Unit  $367,500 5%
Drayton  House $550,000 4%
East Toowoomba House $815,500 3%
East Toowoomba Unit  $415,000 5%
Glenvale  House $530,000 5%
Glenvale  Unit  $415,000 5%
Harlaxton  House $455,000 5%
Harlaxton  Unit  $320,000 6%
Harristown House $496,500 5%
Harristown Unit  $305,000 6%
Highfields  House $790,000 4%
Kearneys Spring House $615,500 4%
Kearneys Spring Unit  $362,000 6%
Kleinton  House $806,000 4%
Meringandan West House $682,500 4%
Middle Ridge House $827,500 4%
Middle Ridge Unit  $460,000 5%
Mount Lofty  House $696,000 4%
Mount Lofty  Unit  $371,000 5%
Newtown  House $636,000 4%
Newtown  House $485,000 5%
Newtown  Unit  $335,000 6%
Oakey  House $384,000 5%
Rangeville  House $685,000 4%
Rangeville  Unit  $475,000 4%
Rockville  House $422,500 5%
Rockville  Unit  $280,000 6%
Westbrook House $727,000 4%
Wilsonton House $465,000 6%
Wilsonton Unit  $342,500 5%
Wilsonton Heights  House $465,000 5%
Wyreema  House $527,500 5%