Location – Location – Location!  It’s a phrase we often hear when people talk about the key strategies to buying property.  There are even TV shows by that title who advise home buyers on securing a great deal and the perfect property, despite the shows entertainment focus.

However, location isn’t the only consideration, with budget, borrowing limits and property features being some of the other key factors.  If money wasn’t a consideration then location and property features could stand alone.  But, for most people that isn’t the case. 

Often these factors are in competition and people need to ‘trade off’ one location or feature over another.  Whether you live in Toowoomba, Brisbane or another town in Australia it’s common to see large price differences in similar homes with the only difference being location or suburb.  A comfortable 4 bedroom home with lock up garage and modern presentation in a small country town would most likely sell for a fraction of the price of similar homes in inner Sydney.  

At this point it’s important to state that we aren’t saying location isn’t important.  Far from it!  Most home buyers have limits and boundaries they need to stick with whether brought about by borrowing limits, family size, work influences or even the desire to be in a particular school catchment area.  They then need to balance those considerations against location and the many features they may want in a new home. 

It’s important to prioritise and weigh up each option against the other to work out what you’re prepared to compromise on, and what’s ‘non negotiable’.  If you get it right you just might get that great location and all the features you want, or, at the very least get pretty close to it!

The process of buying and owning property can be complex and every person’s situation (and wants) is different.  The sales team at McAdam & Turnbull Realty led by co-owner and principal sales agent Lachlan Evans are focused on tailoring real estate solutions to meet your needs and keep the experience as stress free as possible. 

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