Deciding to sell a home is a big decision for any person.  Whether it’s a desire for a bigger home, a better location, or due to a change in job location, there’s more to it than just engaging the real estate agent.  When it comes to selling property, presentation is key, and in that regard it’s no different to any other product for sale.  Consider the modern jewellery store with its bright yet soft lights giving crystal clear vision through the spotless glass into the modern and well spaced display cabinets.  The jewellery items for sale sparkle under the light almost calling out to the shopper to try on a ring or other item. 

Let’s bring the story back to selling a home and where the ‘jewellery store principles’ also apply.  The prospective buyer who develops an emotional attachment to the property is the one who’s likely to engage further and potentially make an offer.  To that end a clean, uncluttered, well maintained and inviting presentation genuinely helps the process of finding a buyer for the home. 

There are many ways to prepare a home for listing and in today’s blog McAdam & Turnbull Realty Principal and selling agent Lachlan Evans touches on his top items to place on your to do list!

  • Cleaning and decluttering – A good ‘spring clean’ will help prepare the house for listing. Gathering dust and dirt together with household rubbish, broken toys and other debris are a big turn off when people inspect homes.  Don’t forget the windows and their furnishings!  Decluttering opens up rooms and living spaces and helps make each area appear as big and open as possible. 
  • Maintenance inspection – Take a walk around the home and through every room. Make note of any damage to walls and features.  Whilst it’s unnecessary to ‘renovate’ your home before listing it for sale, repairing minor damage or applying a coat of paint here and there can really freshen up a property and its visual presentation. 
  • Odours – Check for odours throughout the home and investigate the cause. Are there plumbing leaks causing that wet and mouldy smell?  Are your pets kept inside?  The sense of smell is one of the strongest and even the best presented home can be let down by bad smells. 
  • Painting – Bright, fresh yet neutral colours are never a let down when presenting a home. There may be some striking feature walls that you painted or perhaps inherited from an earlier owner.  Painting over those ‘loud’ feature colours can really open up a room and lift the presentation of the whole house. 
  • The ‘to do’ project list – There isn’t a home owner who doesn’t have a ‘to do’ list of projects they’ve accumulated over time. Some items on the list get to the conclusion stage but it often seems the list only every grows!  On this point Lachlan recommends finishing the obviously incomplete projects.  As well as boosting presentation the completed projects may add to the property value. 
  • Floor coverings – Getting the carpets professionally cleaned are a must!


  • Street appeal and a welcoming entry – Those initial seconds really count when making a first impression. As prospective buyers arrive for an inspection they’ll be looking at the presentation of the property from the footpath to the front door.  Stand on the opposite side of the street and look at the street presentation of the home.  A good cut back and tidying of the garden may just do wonders.  Don’t forget the outdoor furniture and features immediately around the front door.  Presentation, presentation, presentation!!!
  • Remember the buyers are not buying you, but the home itself.

Whilst our list isn’t exhaustive we’re simply highlighting several key areas you need to focus on to present a home in the best possible way.  The sales team at McAdam & Turnbull will provide input and advice on lifting the presentation of your home without breaking the bank.  Often the cosmetic changes with minimal cost give the most impact. 

The process of selling property can be complex and every person’s situation is different.  The team at McAdam & Turnbull Realty led by co-owner and principal sales agent Lachlan Evans are focused on tailoring real estate solutions to meet your needs and keep the experience as stress free as possible. 

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