Property Management

Property Management is about lots more than just managing properties. It is about managing and working together with the people who live in them and the people who own them.

It is about understanding what it means for an owner to have an investment property – the obligation to meet mortgage payments, find funds for the new hot water system that only ever bursts on Sunday mornings all the while being subject to the prevailing rental market conditions and hoping the rent is always paid on time.

It is also about understanding that tenants do want a place they can call home, look after and pay the rent in and owners and property managers who do respond to maintenance and keep the property in good order.

If all three groups in the team work together – owners, property manager and tenants work together then everyone’s goals can be achieved.

We want our relationships with owners and tenants to be for the long haul so we offer honest, reliable service that comes with genuine, professional and friendly advice. 

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