• Buying Units and Villas In a Complex

    Buying a property often involves a lifestyle choice. Choosing a unit or townhouse can deliver smaller space, lower cost, location and maintenance benefits. Purchasing a property in a complex brings you in touch with Body Corporates and 'Community Title Schemes', so it's important to understand the difference compared to a standard house purchase. In today's blog Lachlan Evans explores a few important considerations before you decide to purchase a unit or townhouse so you make the right choice!

  • Key Considerations When Buying an Investment Property

    Buying an investment property is a business decision that’s designed to make money whether through rental income, capital growth or both. This business approach to buying property means thinking about more than location and individual home features, and in today’s blog McAdam & Turnbull Realty Principal and selling agent Lachlan Evans explores a few important considerations before you enter the investment property market.


  • Getting Your Investment Property Ready for Sale

    The decision to sell an investment property can come about for a variety of reasons, either personal or business.  When it comes to selling an investment home, proper planning and presentation are the key ingredients to a successful sale, and in our blog McAdam & Turnbull Realty Principal and selling agent Lachlan Evans explores the important items to place on your ‘selling to do list’!

  • Getting your Home Ready for Sale

    Deciding to sell a home is a big decision for any person.  When it comes to selling property, presentation is key, and in that regard it’s no different to any other product for sale.  There are many ways to prepare a home for listing and in our blog McAdam & Turnbull Realty Principal and selling agent Lachlan Evans touches on his top items to place on your to do list!

Property Management

  • What Makes a Great Property Manager and Agency?

     In the days when property management services were in their infancy many agents didn’t view it as being a specialised service in its own right, and that was often reflected in the service received by property owners and tenants. The industry has evolved since then, and in todays blog McAdam & Turnbull Realty business manager Bronwyn Evans looks at what makes a great property manager and more…..

  • How to choose the Best Property Manager

    Choosing the right agency and property manager for your investment property can be difficult. Asking the right questions helps make that choice easier.

    Selecting a property manager / agency is as important a decision as the actual buying of the investment property itself. On the surface, many agencies may seem the same and offer roughly the same service.


  • Tenant Water Consumption Who Pays?

    As a Property Manager, I have had both prospective tenants and current tenants ask about their water consumption responsibilities and what each option means for them.

    The following should give some insight as to how your property’s water rating will affect you.

  • Flexi-houses give you wet feet!

    Another day another flooded house! Well it’s not that bad really, but after another property was flooded recently, we started to ‘tote-up’ the number of properties we’ve had affected by flooding over the past few years – we got to just under 20!! If you live in a home – you need to read this!!


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